The three bloggers and blog websites I looked at are:

Jenny Lawson-

Dave Barry-

Kelsie Snow-

I thought these would be interesting choices because they all are similar in that they tell you exactly what the person doing the blog would be like if you were to meet them in person. I guess what I’m saying is, these blogs all have a very specific personality that continues to draw readers in. Although, they are different. Jenny Lawson and Dave Berry both have a comedy blog, but the way they go about their comedy is very different. Jenny is more personable as Dave is more “jokey.” On the flip side, Keslie has a more emotional blog about her hard life.

The branding of the blogs each draws in a completely different audience. The two humorous blogs are for people who are in need of a laugh or a feel-good moment in general. They’re directed towards people who clearly are wanting a comedy blog. The way the websites look when you open them immediately lets the reader know what they’re in for with the uses of color and imagery. Snow’s blog has a different feel. It draws in a different audience who isn’t looking for instant entertainment that could be found with a laugh. It’s more for readers who are seeking some kind of advice. Or readers who just need to know they aren’t alone on something. When Snow’s blog site is opened, the lack of color and the feel of the photos and word placement lets the reader know what they are in for.

All the blogs I have chosen are fairly simple to navigate. When opened, the reader can immediately get to know all three of these bloggers which is a great feature for a website about that person. If a blogger's website doesn’t tell the reader a lot about the person whose name is associated with the website, they’re doing something wrong. All these websites have hooks on the first page and they all do a good job of drawing the reader in.

The advertising on all these blogs is great because the bloggers can use their website to advertise things like books they’ve written, merchandise they might have, or other forms of content they produce like podcasts. The placement on all of them is very good too because it lets the reader know upfront that these bloggers have more to offer.

Overall, I think similarities can be found within all these sites and blogs, but they are all unique in their own way. Every website is unique to the person doing the blog and there are no rules on being you.